As the age grows the body loses their activities slowly, that is one of the representations which shows your body getting weak.

In this case, if you care for your body and health you have to do some workouts and exercises to keep them healthy.

Especially as the age grows body weight starts to increases slightly that is because of a reduction in the metabolism rate of the body.

This is one of the main reasons for knee pain. But to help you in this case, there are some of the best exercises for bad knees.

Some of the exercises which can help you to get relieved from the knee pain;


One of the best exercises for the senior citizen is partial squats which can extensively help you improve your knee health.

To make this exercise you have to sit is half chair position, during the beginning stage it might hurt you. But gives you the best results, while doing this exercise concentrate on your knee position.



The step-ups is one among the aerobic exercise for bad knees. You can perform this aerobic exercise by stepping up a bench or in staircases.

To perform this, you have to place one of your foot in the upper step or bench and another foot in lower and now you can do them repeatedly to get the good results.

Side-lying leg lifts

To perform this exercise, you have to wear the weight above your knees and then lie on your left side at the same time your legs should be in the straight position.

With the help of your left arm supporting your head. Lift your legs to about shoulder one by one. Repeat the exercises again and again.


The experts also suggest cardio exercises for people with bad knees to get the best results. One of the cardio exercises is swimming, performing the swimming is simple but the result gives you the solution to your knee pain.

Other than swimming the walking and the water aerobics also comes under the cardio exercises and these exercises also help you in getting relieved from the knee pain due to age.

March with an exercise ball

Easiest exercise to perform, hold the ball in both of your hands and bring them down when your knees come up and lift them with knees go down.

Final thoughts

Most people get familiarized with these exercises but they have not noticed the benefits of it. So get to know how they could help you so that you can perform it effectively.